Solution Features

Here are key attributes underpinning our mobile apps and text messaging solutions

  • validated solution

    Systems Validation

    Mobile apps, text messaging solutions and all forms of electronic systems are validated against your specifications.

  • security and privacy

    Security & Reliability

    World-class data centres with full redundancy ensures your data is safe and secure for critical business processes.

  • iOS and Android and text messaging

    Cross-platform Support

    Solutions can be designed for mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows), web apps and SMS.

  • configurable solution

    Modular Applications

    Our application modules are configured and customised to fulfil ANY requirement.

  • workflow optimisation

    Workflow Management

    Influence workflow processes in realtime based on configuring and customising application logic.

  • Data Analysis, KPIs & Reporting

    Receive customized reports generating insights into your business operations.

  • Access To Data

    Permissions to view, edit, delete, etc. are assigned to users having specific roles.

  • system integration

    Systems Integration

    We can integrate with legacy systems and move data back and forth – online and offline.