Modular Applications – Configurable Customer Journey, Digital Health and Workforce Automation Solutions

All our solutions are made up of modular applications, or “modules” which are configured and customised to fit any need. Different people use different names for modules as plugins, bundles, add-ons, etc. However, the main purpose is always the same – independent functionalities developed outside of the solution itself. 

We customise and integrate our modules based on thoroughly understanding your requirements and developing a plan guiding the team through design and implementation. 

In the digital age, there are numerous combinations of devices and applications that run on them. A modular approach is taken – implementing our SERVICES using APPLICATIONS across CHANNELS reaching the DEVICES consumers use.



  • Mobile phone
  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Display board
  • Smart watch


  • Mobile app
  • Web app
  • Text messaging
  • Web page
  • Email
  • Chat bot
  • Social Media


  • Data collection
  • Rich media
  • Loyalty & Profiling
  • Campaign
  • Lead generation
  • Payment
  • Storefront
  • Library
  • Geo-location
  • Marketing automation
  • Reports


  • Customer Journey
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Segmentation
  • Customer value management
  • Content Marketing
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Website Analytics
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Data Collection
  • Escalations
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Telehealth / Online Video
  • Data Collection
    • Form Creation
    • Data Capture
    • Rich Media Capture
  • Workflow Automation
    • Dynamic Business Intelligence (Manage, Business Intelligence Sales Stimulation,Control, Profile)
    • Field Worker Management
    • Communications
    • Resource Library
  • Reporting