Receive customized reports generating insights into your business operations. People can view and create charts and tables with our custom reporting dashboard. Moreover, by integrating our platform with your existing data warehouse, ERP, CRM or any other system, you can gain actionable insights on performance and efficiency throughout your business. Key attributes of our reporting and analytic’s capability include:

  • WEB-SERVICE INTEGRATION: Access varied levels of web-service APIs to push/pull data. Additional support services are possible to for example, integrate to third party systems.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE OF FIELD FORCE: Gain a comprehensive view into activities of field workers.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING: Capture and record of user activities, creating a verifiable audit trail for compliance and issue handling.
  • CUSTOM OR AUTOMATED REPORTS: Generate ad-hoc or scheduled reports of user or assets.
  • COMPLIANCE REPORTING & MANAGEMENT: Enable accurate monitoring and streamlined reporting on regulatory and safety issues.
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT / KPI DASHBOARDS: Define and monitor performance targets across operations to make accelerated and informed decisions.
  • DATA ACCESSIBILITY: Data is centralized, searchable and instantly available based on user role and permissions.
  • DATA VISIBILITY: Provide better visibility into trends or gaps.