Influence workflow processes in realtime based on insights developed from analyzed data and configured logic. Workflow is a series of steps that get work done. To support workflow automation and business rules, we integrate to systems with API and database connections. Leveraging business intelligence features of our platform, we can create custom, automated workflows that help you manage stages of activities and keep people updated on progress along the way.

What differentiates us from other providers is our consulting expertise. Working alongside you, we embed our mobile solution developers, industry and functional specialists in a target work group such as support services, marketing or field service. Moreover, we leverage best cross-industry practices to ensure your organisation can realise its potential. Together we develop valuable insights into employee workflows that can benefit application design.

Our philosophy of mobile solution development gains acceptance within all organisations. Although involving the people using the mobile devices in targeted work groups may seem obvious, a Frost & Sullivan survey showed only 10% of enterprises include the actual field user in the mobility decision-making process. The other 90% may find themselves paying for this omission later when the workers reject mobilized solutions that don’t address their needs and/or are too difficult to process.