mobile Health Services Management (mHSM): Improve Medication Adherence

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We can customise a cross-platform mobile health solution to suit your specific needs.

mHSM is a suite of services (mPromote, mRemind, and mMonitor) that combines text messaging or mobile app with business intelligence technology to educate consumers, support treatment management, and automate tasks. The primary aim of mHSM is to improve adherence. In other words, mHSM provides timely and effective interventions like medication reminders. Subsequently these interventions improve an individual’s behaviour – whether it be taking medication, following a diet, or making healthy lifestyle changes – corresponding with agreed-upon recommendations from a healthcare provider. The solution is customizable to suit any healthcare need and is economically feasible to be used in both industrialized nations and developing countries.

  • mPromote allows you to improve communications reach and promotes medical education and awareness to large populations.
  • mRemind allows you to send timely, effective personalized messages to patients, caregivers and health workers. A compliance tool to improve medication adherence.
  • mMonitor generally employs 2-way communications using text messaging or mobile app to collect remote patient information or health-related data and to send behavior interventions.

For more information and examples of how text messaging and mobile apps can be used to promote health services around the world, please check our dedicated site for mobile health services.