Synegys is a full service mobile solutions company delivering mobile application solutions all over the world. Mobile and wireless technology represents a huge opportunity for organisations – monetising existing assets through the mobile channel, engaging with your customers or employees, improving productivity, reducing cycle time, increasing revenue, and extracting costs out of your organisation.

Our products and solutions are underpinned by three pillars: Consulting Services, Mobility and the Mobile Apps supporting it, and Dynamic Business Intelligence. The combination helps businesses tackle the challenges of controlling costs, increasing productivity, mitigating risks, improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience and growing revenue. Mobile technology solutions and services are addressed through: enterprise field mobility, mobile health applications and custom mobile solutions.

Consulting Services

“We improve our clients’  business performance by working closely with them to solve their urgent issues, seize opportunities and deliver superior results.”

At Synegys, we help our clients grow revenue, cut costs, improve operation efficiencies, enhance customer relationships, and improve the bottom line. With a passion for action, our deeply rooted skills in strategy and process management are applied when integrating the mobile channel with existing operations and scaling it across departments and organisations.

Mobility / Mobile Applications

“Data obtained in the field is connected real time with disparate information sources to dynamically influence workflow processes.”

Customers, employees, and partners interact with our applications using technology as simple as SMS messaging to mobile apps. Data is processed according to pre-defined business rules. Our applications are mobile device agnostic (i.e. feature phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and are available across all the major operating systems (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.). Moreover, our mobile applications combine mobile cloud computing, mobile computing (i.e. native apps) and wireless networks to provide a rich user experience.

Dynamic Business Intelligence

“Intelligence is built into our products to ensure workflow processes are followed properly and in real time.”

Our Dynamic Business Intelligence modules – CONTROL, Business Intelligence Sales Stimulation (BISS), MANAGE and PROFILE maximize and help quickly realize benefits achieved from automation. Collected data is analysed with disparate information sources ranging from internal enterprise resource application (ERP) services  to external 3rd party databases. Armed with this insight, workflow processes are influenced in realtime. Additionally, access to online management reports supports management decision making.