Retail managers can capture real-time data in their stores with a retail app,  offering insight to store execution, minimize stock-outs and create an audit trail to manage merchandiser performance. Based on an In-Store Implementation Network Survey, only 4% of respondents say in-store promotions and other merchandising activities are executed correctly. Moreover, it was found that 50% of authorised retail promotional displays were shown either late or not at all.

Retail Audit App

Senior retail executives can reduce merchandising non-compliance. Sales reps can now record store visit observations including promotions, product displays and other store conditions that affect sales. Our mobile solutions can help with:

  • Sales Channel Intelligence: Streamline and standardize the collection of in-store observations and retail audits to provide real-time feedback for managers and distributors.
  • Order management / Replenishment: Eliminate the need of ever having stock outs and improve inventory management by having dynamically generated purchase order forms as you do your inspection.
  • Standardize store inspection activities: Enhance the shopper experience and maximize sales by having an electronic checklist to assess a retail store’s layout, shelf and display management, merchandising and overall cleanliness.
  • Facing and Planogram Compliance: Capture photos and videos to ensure merchandising strategies and retail space planning are followed.
  • Merchant / Broker Performance Tracking: Geotag your field employees and time stamp activities performed. Review the number of stores visited, orders filled and more.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Manage appointments to avoid double bookings and analyse past and future visits to optimize client account management.
  • Approvals and Sign-off: Capture electronic signatures to validate purchases or to confirm requests by clients.
  • Inventory Management: Use barcoding to track products and supplies.
  • Workflow Management: Automate specific business policies and procedures to improve the retail store audit.
Retail Audit App
Retail Audit App

Perform Retail Execution

Use our Enterprise Retail App to perform retail store audits. Customized tasks based on standard checklists, forms and surveys are followed by field representatives. Workflow is influenced to ensure merchandiser performance is maximized. Field operations managers can receive timely and accurate data for store performance analysis.

Workforce automation - Retail Audit App

Monitor Compliance

Field representatives save time when performing product pricing and placement, planogram compliance, promotional compliance and field merchandising reviews. Bar coding ensures products are effectively tracked.  Marked photos and electronic signatures provide an audit trail.

Retail Audit App

Perform Retail Audits Efficiently & Effectively

Give your field representatives access to information and tools required to perform retail audits in a standardized way. Moreover field service staff can submit retail audit reports as duties are performed. Field operations managers can oversee all stages of the store audit, field merchandising and field sales processes in real time with activity dashboards and reports.

The Retail App Business Case

Additional Revenue

  • Missed merchandising activity (i.e. increasing same-store sales) averaging 1% of gross sales
  • Shrinkage representing an average 1.7% of gross sales

Productivity Improvement

  • Nearly 2.5 hours of time is saved for each store audit. This includes scheduling and preparation, the auditing activity itself, action planning, calculations and data entry among others.

Cost Savings

  • Total cost savings will vary depending on the size of the field force. Assuming that 10 field agents at $100,000 / FTE are employed and based on approximately 2.5 hours of time in improved productivity, this equates to over $300,000 of annual savings.


  • Increased customer satisfaction when seeing well-run stores
  • Visibility over the activities of your field agents
  • Audit trail of every inspection