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mComply – Running Successful Clinical Trials

Compliance can be improved through effective participant engagement. In our updated brochure "mComply: Running Successful Clinical Trials – Compliance Delivered"...

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Introduction of TeleHealth / TeleMedicine Module

Synegys now offers telehealth (also known as telemedicine) services helping health organisations provide virtual appointments. Patients and healthcare practitioners can interact through a secure, realtime telephone or live audio-video using a smartphone, tablet or a computer. Recent policy changes during the COVID-19 pandemic have reduced barriers to telehealth access and...

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Digital Customer Journey Mapping: Improving the Customer Experience

The Digital Opportunity The digital era has brought a completely new outlook on how we interpret customers’ requirements and deliver excellent experiences. It all starts with creating what we call the customer journey map. This map is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and...

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SMS vs. Mobile Apps: A Guide to What your Business Should Use

With the growing popularity of smartphones and the use of mobile apps, are text messaging solutions taking a backseat in the world of mobility solutions? Absolutely NOT. In fact, we are actually seeing a resurgence in SMS solutions. With over 5.2 billion unique mobile subscribers in the world, smartphone connection...

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