Opportunity for Corporate Mobile Applications
Source: Yankee Group, June 2012

Mobile workers across the enterprise range from information professionals to field force and factory staff, representing 39% of the total workforce. By equipping these workers with corporate mobile applications, companies can accelerate communications and information sharing across the enterprise. Consequently, employees become more engaged and productive. Moreover each moment of mobile engagement offers an opportunity to reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction. By delivering information when it matters most, mobile enterprise apps influence workflow and optimize business processes.


Mobilising the Enterprise with Corporate Mobile Applications

We perform a company-wide analysis to determine those areas and those processes that are most profitable for the organisation to mobilize. Through the use of Synegys’ meta-industry process maps, organisations can quickly employ best practices supported by mobility. An accelerated rollout of a corporate mobile app is possible by leveraging Synegys’ platform modules: data collection (COLLECT), workflow management (OPTIMIZE) and management reporting (MONITOR). All our custom corporate mobile applications are developed using the following methodology:

  1. Diligence: Understand what the organization does and how
  2. Vision & Targeting: Break boundaries to transform company processes
  3. Design & Development: Identify gaps and develop plan to close
  4. Build & Test: Build and deploy a customised solution
  5. Deploy & Evolve: Roll-out initiative and review lessons learned

Underlying our approach to mobilising the enterprise are five work streams running in parallel:

  • Strategy: Exploit new wireless opportunities and formulate the business’ future market position
  • Process: Define new and transform old processes to gain maximum efficiency
  • Technology: Evaluate and design flexible IT-mobile systems and architecture
  • People: Manage and resolve HR issues resulting from implementing wireless technologies
  • Program Management: Manage and document the transformation process


Why Synegys?

Synegys is a one-stop mobile solutions company that builds on our consulting strengths driving business performance:

  • Advisory: Strategy, Business Process Solution, Application Solution, Infrastructure Solution
  • Implementation: Application Development, Re-engineering, System Integration, Solution Delivery
  • Operations: Maintenance, Infrastructure Management / Hosting

Synegys offers a throughput rate of 15,000 SMS/second and mobile internet connections with over 1200 mobile networks in 200 countries, providing a reliable and robust mobile network for people to connect to.

All messages and user interface to our platform is translated to the applicable local language and employ diacritics.

The solution has full message tracking capabilities and generates delivery reports to guarantee the surety of receiving messages, providing a full audit trail associated with the workflow process.

We’ve helped a number of companies successfully leverage mobile devices and our corporate mobile applications to achieve impressive growth in productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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