To maximise the benefits of mobile marketing, we help companies manage an iterative marketing campaign with “structured dialogues” and promotional messages in which consumers are encouraged to become participants. The campaign process consists of objective definition through to post-campaign analysis and reporting. This is an on-going process, cycling among goals, marketing strategies and service modules (for example, notification and coupons).


Mobile Marketing Solution Development

Concept Development
  • Set business objectives (e.g. acquisition / retention of customer, realize new revenue stream)
  • Segment market
  • Target market & positioning
  • Define success rates (e.g. response rates, conversion to purchase rates)
  • Select the appropriate campaign (e.g. one-off, push, one-off pull, continued dialog, mobile app)
  • Integrate with other media, including social
Campaign Development
  • Build or acquire “opt-in” lists
  • Explore other secondary market research
  • Review history of marketing communications
Application Design & Build
  • Perform project management
  • Select and design appropriate service modules (e.g. “text-to-win”, polls, alerts, QR codes)
  • Design database for e.g. opt-in, consumer permission information, etc.
  • Determine operating system (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) for mobile application to work on (if applicable)
  • Develop mobile application / text messaging solution
  • Integrate to 3rd party systems for e.g. databases, authentication (if applicable)
  • Implement service modules
  • Send and verify content / message delivery
  • Set up keywords (if applicable)
  • Troubleshoot application
Aggregation / Network Transmission
  • Ensure seamless online / offline accessibility
  • Negotiate with Operators (if applicable)
  • Implement hosting environment and support
  • Perform service management
  • Send and verify content / message delivery
  • Setup billing (if applicable)
  • Collect participants’ responses
  • Schedule delivery of appropriate responses
Communication Effectiveness
  • Provide web interface to the Sponsor
  • Monitor campaign operations and results
  • Provide response and conversion rates
  • Provide evaluation reports (i.e. statistics)
  • Review results and use to plan design new mobile campaigns


Why Synegys?

Synegys is a one-stop mobile solutions company that builds on our consulting strengths driving business performance:

  • Advisory: Strategy, Business Process Solution, Application Solution, Infrastructure Solution
  • Implementation: Application Development, Re-engineering, System Integration, Solution Delivery
  • Operations: Maintenance, Infrastructure Management / Hosting

Synegys offers a throughput rate of 15,000 SMS/second and mobile internet connections with over 1200 mobile networks in 200 countries, providing a reliable and robust mobile network for people to connect to.

All messages and user interface to our platform is translated to the applicable local language and employ diacritics.

The solution has full message tracking capabilities and generates delivery reports to guarantee the surety of receiving messages, providing a full audit trail associated with the workflow process.

We’ve helped a number of companies successfully leverage mobile devices and our made for mobile marketing solutions to achieve impressive growth in productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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