Our mobile workforce automation solution (mWFA) streamlines comprehensive processes across industries involving field operations. It encompasses various tasks such as data collection and analysis, direct sales, service provisioning and assurance, surveillance, maintenance, repairs, and enhances customer relationship management, among other functions.

Mobile Workers

Mobile Phone / Tablet

Mobile Phone / Tablet

Staff employees and contractors submit or obtain information via text messaging or mobile app

mWFA Solution

Tailored Modules

Tailored Modules

Modules are customized to support your business requirements. These include data collection, data verification checks, self-diagnosis of problems, automatic assignment of field workers, capture and analysis of events, and rules-based escalation.

Management Team

Web Portal

Web Portal

The management team can securely access all the data sent / received, view reports, export data and manage business performance.
Enhanced by AI technology, our mobile Workforce Automation (mWFA) solution leverages industry meta-models and dynamic business intelligence tools to drive workflow optimization. Explore its robust capabilities, from seamless data collection and verification checks to proactive issue diagnosis, automatic workforce assignment, event capture, rule-based escalation, and efficient offline data synchronization. If you desire a specific sales management or field service functionality, we can customize a mobile solution to address any business process, workflow or user journey requirements. Modules are customized to support your business requirements. 

Mobile Workforce Automation (mWFA) Features

Workforce Automation Solution App

Synegys’ cloud-based Mobile Workforce solutions consist of three parts: Data Collection (COLLECT), Workflow Management (OPTIMIZE) and Management Reporting (MONITOR). Each part contains modular features supporting various use cases, allowing you to scale as your needs evolve. Whether it be an app based on iOS, Android, or Windows or text messaging, our modules can be customised to create your ideal mobile solution – from customising mobile forms, employing best-practice processes, assigning custom business rules driving workflow, using business intelligence to dynamically influence workflow, and generating management reporting to effectively manage and monitor people and operations.

Data privacy, security and solution reliability is assured with best practices in authentication, protocol and session security, backup and recovery and highly secured data centers.

Mobile Workforce Automation - Data Collection (COLLECT)

Workforce Automation - Data Collection

Businesses can customize paper-based forms based on any need. Our simple interface supports a number of different mobile data collection methods including combination of text, numeric values, checklists, dropdown fields, barcodes, dates, photos, videos and electronic signatures to your forms. Especially relevant is that rich data including photos, videos, geo-location information, sketches, and electronic signatures can be embedded directly into forms.

Our mobile forms have built-in intelligence to reduce errors commonly found not only with paper-based forms, but also with competitor electronic data capture offerings. Data input quality is greatly improved through data validation, skip logic, and mandatory or conditional fields. Moreover, automated calculations are also possible.

Our mobile data collection tools offer:

  • FORM WIDGETS: Widget library allowing for simple and flexible use to build and modify forms.
  • INTUITIVE FORM BUILDER: Build and deploy electronic forms quickly with no coding required.
  • CONDITIONAL FORMS: Embed sub-forms and conditional forms, supporting workflow capabilities.
  • PERMISSIONS & ROUTING: Get the right forms to the right people for them to complete and to submit.
  • MOBILE FORMS ON ANY DEVICE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Give field workers the ability to access, complete and view forms from mobile devices or from any web browser any hour of any day of the year.
  • REAL-TIME FORMS CAPTURE: Forms can be captured from anywhere and sent to office for the varying levels of connectivity (e.g. strong 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, LTE, intermittent 3g, GPRS, etc.).
  • OFFLINE DATA FORMS CAPTURE: Forms can be entered while completely disconnected and without cell or data service. Data can be uploaded to central server once connection is in place.
  • SIMPLE, INTUITIVE MOBILE USER INTERFACE: Mobile forms are intuitive, ensuring rapid employee adoption. Native apps provide users with the best experience.
  • AUTO-SAVE: Never lose your data. Mobile forms can be initiated and re-visited all at once or at different times as needed.
  • SEND FORMS: Completed mobile forms are uploaded to a central server and can be shared or emailed from the mobile device to co-workers, management or partners.
  • ACCESS FORMS: Completed forms can be retrieved and reviewed from any device, anytime and from anywhere.
  • AUTO-CORRECT: Improve accuracy and reduce data entry errors based on formulas, tables or calculations.
  • OPTICAL CHARACTER READER (OCR): Extract data from pictures taken of for example, business cards, meter readings, etc.
  • DATA VALIDATION: Provide configuration capabilities for basic data validation and quality checking.
  • AUTO-CALCULATIONS: Automate industry calculations.
  • INTEGRATION: Integrate with your back office systems via App or SMS API.
  • GPS CAPTURE & VIEW: See GPS coordinates or visual, graphical maps of where forms were submitted.
  • INTEGRATED PHOTO CAPTURE: Allow field workers the capability to capture a picture as part of a form.
  • INTEGRATED VIDEO CAPTURE: Include videos as part of a job form.
  • SKETCHS & ANNOTATIONS: Photos and blank page sketches can be annotated and inserted into forms.
  • ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES: Capture electronic signatures to confirm acceptance and approvals.
  • BAR CODE READING: Minimize data entry errors with the ability to read bar codes of supplies, equipment and inventory.

Mobile Workforce Automation - Process & Workflow (OPTIMIZE)

Workforce automation - Improving Workflow

Companies can integrate our mobile workflow management module (OPTIMIZE) to their business processes. All our workforce management solutions are supported by our industry meta-models and AI-powered business intelligence tools to influence workflow. Depending on the modules deployed, this may include assignment & scheduling, motivation tools, sales process management, field operations management, operations reporting, transaction controlling and incident closure. Organisations can access a number of powerful features including self-diagnosis of problems, automatic assignment of the workforce, capture and analysis of events, and rules-based escalation.

Our AI-powered workflow tools offer:

Dynamic Business Intelligence Modules analyse the data to develop value-added insights and to dynamically influence workflow processes, maximizing gains for users of the system.

  • MANAGE: Link target architecture to a best practice-based industry process model. Leverage enterprise-wide business process flows, documentation templates, and KPIs and targets to enabling technologies to influence workflow. Assist field workers to perform consistently and effectively through the definition and setup of triggers via automated changes in workflow.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SALES STIMULATION (BISS): Translate KPIs and targets and identifying those triggers required to maximize the performance of merchants, brokers and sales people via automated behavior, managerial, and information notifications.
  • CONTROL: Minimize revenue leakage with automated changes in workflow through data verification, data validation and business policy lookups. Triggers are defined and setup to effectively manage product management (e.g. pricing models, product/service configuration, deployment processes), order assurance (e.g. order management, order modifications), service assurance (e.g. customer definition, service activation, service quality), billing (e.g. product / tariff assignment, discounting, bundling), collections (e.g. bill distribution, credits & charges).
  • PROFILE: Help field workers respond effectively to predefined follow-up actions triggered by a portrait of the potential or existing customer encounter. Sales people can be guided through a specific workflow to promote a specific product/service. Field service workers can be guided through proper procedures based on for example, a customer work history.


Monitor & track field workers.

  • USER GROUPS: Allow access to activities and information by user role, territory or by any other grouping.
  • FIELD WORKER MONITOR ALERTS: Provide pro-active alerts to supervisors when an event does not occur (e.g. missed meter reading).
  • OPERATION EFFECTIVENESS: Ensure field workers perform activities in a thorough and fully verifiable manner.
  • FIELD WORKER TRACKING: Show historical GPS points that provide time, date and speed of mobile field workers as they perform their daily activities.
  • GEO-FENCING: Create custom geographic regions and set up alerts when field workers travel in or out of them.
  • GPS ALERTS: Provide automated alerts to supervisor when an event such as speeding or stopping occurs.


Transmission and/or reception of information, orders or data.

  • INTEGRATED MESSAGING: Send one-way messages to an individual or group of field workers from a management console.
  • TWO-WAY MESSAGING: Allow two-way communications, information flow and lookups between field workers and with other people within defined groups.
  • STREAMLINED COMMUNICATIONS: Send automated notification messages / emails based on different conditions to pre-defined user groups.

A repository of information accessible by field workers helping them to perform their job activities efficiently and effectively.

  • STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES: Provide field workers support information online or offline to perform tasks.
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Provide real time access to reliable, accurate information supporting rapid responses to compliance / security threats.
  • PRODUCT & SERVICES CATALOG: Make product / service resource materials accessible online or offline (e.g. description, pricing, promotion, product specifications, etc.).

Mobile Workforce Automation - Reports & KPIs (MONITOR)

Workforce automation - performance dashboard

Managers and Executives can obtain visibility into their field workers’ activities with the Mobile Workforce Management module – MONITOR. By using our APIs to integrate our platform with your existing data warehouse, ERP, CRM or any other system, you can gain actionable insights on performance and efficiency throughout your business. People can view and create charts and tables with our custom reporting dashboard. Furthermore, people can access pre-defined reports based on user levels.

Our reporting and dashboard tools offer:

  • WEB-SERVICE INTEGRATION: Access varied levels of web-service APIs to push/pull data. Additional support services are possible to for example, integrate to third party systems.
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE OF FIELD FORCE: Gain a comprehensive view into activities of field workers.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING: Capture and record field worker activities, creating a verifiable audit trail for compliance and issue handling.
  • CUSTOM OR AUTOMATED REPORTS: Generate ad-hoc or scheduled reports of field workers or production assets.
  • COMPLIANCE REPORTING & MANAGEMENT: Enable accurate monitoring and streamlined reporting on regulatory and safety issues.
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT / KPI DASHBOARDS: Define and monitor performance targets across operations to make accelerated and informed decisions.
  • DATA ACCESSIBILITY: Data is centralized, searchable and instantly available to pre-defined user groups.
  • DATA VISIBILITY: Provide better visibility into trends or gaps by for example: field worker, territory, or product/service.


Our software come with the features and capabilities to ensure your data is secure. Furthermore, cloud hosting within world-class data centres with full redundancy ensures your data is safe and secure for critical business processes. The security and reliability measures we take are:

  • MOBILE DEVICE TOKENS: Secure tokens to ensure that only your employees can access forms with approved mobile devices.
  • ROLE-BASED PERMISSIONS: Custom employee role-based permissions for form submission and access via encrypted shell (SSH).
  • SECURE DATA TRANSFER: Protect data with a combination of security capabilities – both as the data travels to and from the device using 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • ENCRYPTION IN STORAGE: Passwords are encrypted in our database using one-way encryption. No one at Synegys knows your password. If you cannot remember it, you need to change it.
  • BACKUPS: Synegys data is imaged and backed-up daily to multiple secured locations to ensure that data can be quickly restored.
  • SECURE PHYSICAL FACILITIES: Server infrastructure is hosted in a secure facility with the appropriate authorization and authentication protocols in place.
  • SECURE FIREWALLS: Access to servers are protected by a firewall that monitors traffic on multiple protocols and ports. Applications and data-storing servers reside in private subnets, not the public internet.  Also server access is only available on a “need to know” basis and is protected by two-way authentication and cryptographic keys.
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Comply with local text messaging regulations, the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the EU Directive 2002/58/EC.
  • MONITORING: Servers are constantly monitored for uptime using global monitoring service.
  • REDUNDANCY: Servers are distributed across several independent data centres and are elastically load-balanced to avoid single points of network failure to provide quick response times.
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