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We can customise a field service app using our technology platform.

Field workers are mobile by nature, thus mobile technologies from tablets to smartphones best supports field service workflows. Synegys’ mobile Field Service Automation (mFSA) streamlines and automates the service workflow process. At a basic level, this entails collecting data, receiving a trouble ticket, scheduling service or work orders, dispatching workers, tracking vehicle locations and job status, closing the incident and invoicing. Workflow is influenced in realtime with our dynamic business intelligence modules which integrate with inventory, billing accounting and other back office systems.

Who is mobile Field Service App for?

mFSA is used by utility companies, cable firms, telecommunication operators, or any company employing a mobile field service workforce to manage installs, service or repairs of systems or equipment. In fact, any industry having an element of field activity should use this solution. Moreover, mFSA can be used by companies having a need to gather data from the field, e.g. to perform surveys, gather data, etc.

What can mobile Field Service App do?

mobile field service automation
mFSA can be broken down into three parts: Data Collection (COLLECT), Workflow Management (OPTIMIZE) and Management Reporting (MONITOR). Each part contains modular features supporting various field service activities. A snapshot of the functionality available with mFSA is shown below. If you don’t see something that is employed in your field service operations, contact us to see if we can configure our platform to address your requirements.

  • Scheduling: Have pre-defined schedule appointments sent to workers based on for example territory, specific activity to be performed, etc.
  • Dispatch and Task Assignment: Dispatch jobs from a central location and set up workflows to that field personnel can either accept or reject dispatched jobs.
  • Trouble-Ticketing Management: Track, distribute and manage trouble tickets.
  • Customer Work Orders: Track and manage service scheduling or provisioning work orders through a pre-defined methodology.
  • Field Worker Management: Locate and track individuals / vehicles throughout the day by geo-tagging and time-stamping every activity performed in the field.
  • Product / Service Profile: Identify the products/services and equipment that customers have activated or purchased/leased.
  • Product and Services Catalog: Provide field people access to product / service resource materials (e.g. description, pricing, promotion) for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • Order Management: Submit orders for any new cross-selling / up-selling initiative.
  • Customer Notification: Automatically notify customers of when field workers will be in customer vicinity for service repairs, installations, or inspections.
  • Knowledge Repository: Provide access to diagnostic tools and manuals.
  • Case History: Provide a record of historical customer incident handling and of all interactions made with the customer by e.g. call center.
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing: Automatically calculate bills, invoice and process payments.
  • Contact Management: Access customer contact information.
  • Workflow Management: Help field workers respond consistently and effectively to field issues through predefined follow-up actions triggered automatically by current operating conditions.
  • Inventory Management: Access inventory parts and availability by location. Order parts immediately to expedite repairs.

What are the mFSA benefits?

  • 15% – 25% increase daily work order completions through workflow automation and streamlined scheduling
  • 15% – 20% decrease of incomplete orders through service level compliance
  • 25% – 35% increase in employee productivity through simplified processes and reduced travel times
  • 15% – 25% decrease in customer churn by giving access to customer information (assets, warranties, service contracts)
  • Significant increase in competitiveness and customer satisfaction through business analytics to optimise processes, differentiate services and discover market trends

How does mFSA work?

mFSA can be used on feature phones, smartphones and tablets. Regardless of the device, the mFSA process is broken into four main steps:

  1. A customer reports an incident or requests a service which is handled either manually or automatically processed.
  2. mFSA can auto-assign resources out in the field to handle the incident or service request. This includes issuing a job order, scheduling people, dispatching field workers, notifying customers, tracking how far along an incident has been handled and route planning.
  3. Pre-defined business rules will drive notification and alert escalation to the assigned individuals, ensuring that an optimal workflow process is adhered to.
  4. Once the incident is rectified or service delivered, the job can be closed and an invoice can be generated.

Why Synegys?

Synegys is a one-stop mobile solutions company that builds on our consulting strengths driving business performance:

  • Advisory: Strategy, Business Process Solution, Application Solution, Infrastructure Solution
  • Implementation: Application Development, Re-engineering, System Integration, Solution Delivery
  • Operations: Maintenance, Infrastructure Management / Hosting

Synegys offers one-way or two-way messaging with a throughput rate of 15,000 SMS/second and is fully compliant with local text messaging regulations. Furthermore, we support mobile internet connections with over 1,200 mobile networks in 200 countries, providing a reliable and robust mobile network for people to connect to.

All messages and user interface to our mobile Field Service Automation solution is translated to the applicable local language and employ diacritics.

The solution has full message tracking capabilities and generates delivery reports to guarantee the surety of receiving messages, providing a full audit trail associated with the workflow process.

We’ve helped a number of companies successfully leverage mobile devices and our made for mobile field service management solutions to achieve impressive growth in productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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