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We can customise a cross-platform sales force solution to suit your specific needs.

Synegys’ mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) app streamlines and automates the entire sales handling process, from the time a customer is first approached by a sales representative or is exposed to an advertisement, through to the fufilment of the order. Sales representatives are equipped with the ability for placing mobile orders as well as support for acquiring new customers and obtaining new business from existing ones.

Who is the mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) App for?

mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) is used by companies employing a mobile sales force, outsourced direct sales firms and face-to-face sales organisations. Empower sales representatives with mobile ordering, supported by customer and product information.

Use cases for mSFA can be found across numerous industries where direct sales is involved. Having a modular architecture, mSFA can be customized to fully address the needs of any mobile sales force.

What can mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) App do?

Field Mobile Application StructureSynegys’ mobile Sales Force Automation app can be broken down into three parts: Data Collection (COLLECT), Workflow Management (OPTIMIZE) and Management Reporting (MONITOR). Each part contains modular features supporting various sales activities. A snapshot of the functionality available with mSFA is shown below. If you don’t see something that is employed in your sales operations, contact us to see if we can configure our platform to address your requirements.

  • Lead & Opportunity Management: Track and manage new sales opportunities through a pre-defined sales methodology.
  • Product and Services Catalog: Provide sales people access to product / service resource materials (e.g. description, pricing, promotion).
  • Contact Management: Store customer contact information.
  • Product / Service Configurator: Configure custom and complex product / service mix solutions and enforce through validation rules while entering a quote.
  • Pricing: Create, administer and deploy flexible pricing strategies e.g. specialized pricing by products, bundles, account, promotions, or other pricing criteria.
  • Product / Service Profile: Identify the products/services and equipment that customers have activated or purchased/leased.
  • Sales Forecasting: Opportunity pipeline forecasting to proactively address trends, shortfalls and opportunities for increasing revenue using business intelligence capabilities.
  • Sales Force Management: Develop and assign the reporting relationships that exist between the different sales people e.g. Executives, Sales Managers, Account Reps, Sales Associates, etc.
  • Quotation Management: Allow sales people to quickly develop, verify, revise and submit quotes, including automatic discounting, pricing for bundles and product/service configuration.
  • Contract Management: Allow sales people to view customer’s service profile which may include expiry dates allowing triggered activities when contracts are near expiry.
  • Customer Notification: Automatically notify customers of upcoming scheduled meetings.
  • Invoicing and Billing: Upon sales close, automatically create an invoice and process payments on the spot.
  • Account Management: Allow viewing of existing accounts and contacts as well as updates and new record creations. Capture and manage touch points with customers.
  • Workflow Management: Automate specific business policies and procedures to improve the sales process

What are the mSFA benefits?

  • 10% – 15% reduction in sales cancellation rates leading to increased revenue
  • 75% – 90% reduction in call center and helpdesk personnel
  • 20% – 30% increase in revenue through improved sales & lead management capabilities
  • 24% – 40% increase in employee productivity through simplified and automated workflow processes
  • 100% return on investment (ROI) in as quickly as three months
  • Significant increase in competitiveness and customer satisfaction through business analytics to optimise processes, differentiate services and discover market trends

How does mSFA work?

mSFA can be used on feature phones, smartphones and tablets. Regardless of the device, the mSFA process is broken into three main steps:

  1. Sales force approaches prospective customer with sales proposition. Where available, background checks can be performed prior to an encounter and relevant product information are ready at hand to be communicated.
  2. An order is submitted via SMS or mobile app containing particulars such as name, personal ID, contact #, product code and other relevant data. The order is then processed by comparing it with data from a client or 3rd party system to perform for example credit checks, identity verification, service/product availability, etc.
  3. The submitted order is sent to call center agents or back-office staff to process / follow-up. As this is all done in real time, predictive analytics and profiling analysis dynamically influence sales workflow processes. Alerts and reminders can also be sent to customers via SMS or email if they cannot be reached directly.

Why Synegys?

Synegys is a one-stop mobile solutions company that builds on our consulting strengths driving business performance:

  • Advisory: Strategy, Business Process Solution, Application Solution, Infrastructure Solution
  • Implementation: Application Development, Re-engineering, System Integration, Solution Delivery
  • Operations: Maintenance, Infrastructure Management / Hosting

Synegys offers one-way or two-way messaging with a throughput rate of 15,000 SMS/second and is fully compliant with local text messaging regulations. Furthermore, we support mobile internet connections with over 1,200 mobile networks in 200 countries, providing a reliable and robust mobile network for people to connect to.

All messages and user interface to our mobile Sales Force Automation solution is translated to the applicable local language and employ diacritics.

The solution has full message tracking capabilities and generates delivery reports to guarantee the surety of receiving messages, providing a full audit trail associated with the workflow process.

We’ve helped a number of companies successfully leverage mobile devices and our made for mobile field service management solutions to achieve impressive growth in productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

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