custom 2-way text messaging or Mobile app development

Transform your field operations with mobile app development or 2-way text messaging using any mobile technology platform. We can quickly configure and deploy custom mobile or text apps across industries by linking your target architecture solution to a best practice-based industry process model. By leveraging enterprise-wide business process flows, documentation templates and links to enabling technologies, we can quickly help you integrate mobile technologies into your field operations. Furthermore we offer expertise in: mobile technology usage, infrastructure for mobility, implementation methods and success measurements.

Let Synegys help you with your mobile app development through our skills and experience in strategy, design and engineering. Consider the possibilities as described in our industry use cases:

  • Healthcare: mHSM – Medication Reminders and Notifications to Improve Adherence
  • Hospitals / Medical Facilities: A Hospital App Decreases Costs without Compromising Quality Care
  • Oil & Gas / Energy / Mining: Oil Industry App Improves Data Collection and Workflow
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology:  mobile Clinical Trial Automation – Improve Patient Outcomes, Compliance and Data Collection in Clinical Trials
  • Insurance: Insurance App – Mobilizing Paper forms
  • Retail: Enterprise Retail App – Insight to Store Execution