Dynamic Business Intelligence Drives Mobility Solutions

 "A little knowledge that act is infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle."

The distinctive combination of consulting, mobility offerings and dynamic business intelligence modules makes Synegys a vendor of choice in a crowd of mobile application developers, suppliers and technology companies alike. Synegys brings forward its consulting strengths, helping companies understand business challenges and providing recommendations to tackle them. Moreover, a portfolio of mobility offerings like mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) and mobile Clinical Trial Automation (mCTA) are ready at hand to make the recommendations a reality. Integrated with these mobility offerings are Dynamic Business Intelligence Modules. These modules analyze data to develop value-added insights, and together with mobility offerings, dynamically influence workflow processes.

The Business Intelligence Sales Stimulation (BISS) is one such module where we help our clients generate revenue by understanding sales representative activities and taking action to favorably alter their behavior, all in real time,” says William Eng, Managing Director of Synegys. “Our solution integrates predictive analytics based motivation theories and empirical evidence to help improve sales effort outcomes and allow clearer foresight.”

“Real-time reporting, high availability, and integration with business processes will become paramount as business intelligence is deployed outside its traditional audience in the finance department and is extended to operational users,” said Alys Woodward, program manager, European BI and Analytic Applications, IDC.

“The competitive business environment demands that sales representatives be able to instantly gain access to the right information to make informed decisions, regardless of location,” says William. “Our dynamic business intelligence (BI) platform extends BI beyond the desktop, giving mobile sales reps remote insight into how they are performing, and providing personalized triggers to drive immediate, results-driven action.”