iGBV – Mobile Health App Linking Survivors to Health Services

Synegys is supporting HHA Burundi, an NGO in Burundi to combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) with an innovative mobile health solution – iGBV.

As a practical demonstration of our corporate values and philanthropic convictions, we are working with HHA Burundi to prevent and respond to GBV in low-and middle-income countries.

Leveraging Synegys’ expertise in the areas of field mobility and mobile health, the solution aims to standardise and optimise workflow – identifying survivors and linking them to GBV services. Each screening event is captured electronically, with referral pathways managed and monitored by GBV service providers. As part of safety planning, iGBV is also a decision aid for survivors, supporting informed decision-making related to safety. Moreover, the application of SMS technology supports the sharing of GBV incident data with GBV service providers.

The project was sponsored by Grand Challenges Canada with local partners HHA Burundi.

The video below describes the GBV problem and outlines how the mobile app can be applied.