Mobile Marketing Taking Off

Synegys s.r.o, a leading Mobile Services company, today announced the launch of its mobile marketing platform for businesses in the Czech marketplace.

Synegys has introduced a mobile marketing platform for businesses to notify interested customers of last minute deals, special promotions, news and information directly to the mobile phones of consumers.  It is the first system of its kind in the Czech market – a self provisioning system offering businesses the ability to send messages with a customized Sender ID, send a single message to many mobile numbers, group customers, run mobile campaigns (e.g. contests, voting, quizzes), send/track/validate mobile coupons, and much more.  Synegys offers clients a powerful marketing tool using direct communications to a certain target market.  The solution helps increase revenue by increasing traffic to an establishment, bringing in NEW customers, generating repeat business, and turning “once-in-a-while” guests into regular customers and getting them to spend more.

“One trial bar business in Prague realized 9,600 CZK from 3 campaigns running over a 5 day period. This incremental revenue (profit) more than covered the service cost of the system by nearly 15 times – without the extensive pre-planning activities and expenditures required of traditional advertising campaigns,” said Vratislav Cervenka, Director of Customer Success.  “These results came in after using Synegys’ mobile marketing solution two days before the campaign, offering two-for one cocktail drinks to VIP customers.”

“With SMS being ubiquitous, it is a no-brainer,” said William Eng, Managing Director of Synegys.  “Customers have to opt-in to the service to receive messages and with low opt out rates of <1%, we see that customers WANT to hear from businesses they are familiar with.”