3 thoughts on “The Financial Cost of Medication Nonadherence and its Impact on Study Compliance

  1. Amazing to see how much money is left on the table. Can’ see why this technology isn’t the norm!

  2. Hello,

    I am a Clinical Trials coordinator for a Doctor’s office. We are planning to launch a clinical trial for a novel steroid eye-drop medicine that has shown considerable promise in Phase 2 trials for a Pharmaceutical company. We plan to conduct the trials over one and half year and recruit approximately 600 patients in the country undergoing cataract eye surgery. To facilitate the collection of Patient data, we are exploring mHealth solutions.

    Now, even though I have read through your website, I would like to learn more about your customer success stories, how many customers have been using your solution and how long. The reason for this ask is that we don’t want to work with a small company, who in the middle of the project stops support or their solution shows unknown bugs.

    Thank you in advance for your quick response.


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