Clinical Trial App: Improve Patient Outcomes, Compliance and Data Collection

Web Apps, Mobile Apps and 2-way Text Messaging Apps Supporting Patient Engagement

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Web App
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We can customise a clinical trial app based on a cross-platform compliant solution to suit your specific needs.

mobile Clinical Trial Automation, or mCTA, is a suite of applications to help improve the patient recruitment process, improve study compliance and automate tasks. The clinical trial app is customisable to suit any clinical trial need; and can be used with text messaging on feature phones or as a mobile health app on smartphones / tablets across different operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows).

  • Recruitment: automate the patient recruiting process by pre-screening patients through interactive questions and answers via the mobile phone, and directing pre-qualified patients to the appropriate research sites.
  • Compliance:  engage patients through two-way communications, offering notifications and data collection methods accessible by mobile devices. This  compliance tool allows health organisations to send timely and effective appointment, medication and diary entry reminders. Inspirational and informative messages can also be sent to motivate and remind patients to adhere to study protocols. Escalation workflow logic can be built supporting any intervention.

Our mobileHealthWorks division provides more information and examples of mobile applications in clinical trials.